After last year’s successful birthday project (See the video & Andrew’s reply to it), it seemed like a fun idea to all come together again and do something for Andrew’s upcoming birthday. This year the project exists out of 2 parts. A video and charity donations. For the full project click here. To know more about the donations, keep on reading.


Knowing Andrew Scott cares about charity a lot, it seems appropriate to donate to a good cause as a gift from us, to him. I set up a just giving page supporting a charity called Shape Arts. Here’s what they do:

Shape develops opportunities for disabled artists; They train cultural institutions to be more open to disabled people, and we run participatory arts and development programs. Here you can see a series of films which were made last year, showing the creative journeys of some of the artists they have supported and worked with. You can find more info on their website. Or you can have a look at their news page, to see what wonderful work they’ve been doing. 

Any amount is welcome. Small, big, anything. 

Shape is currently participating in a matched giving initiative from Arts Council England (ACE) called Catalyst Arts. Until June 2015, for every £1.50 we raise ACE will donate an additional £1.00, so your donations will go even further in supporting the work of Shape!


Or send your money via paypall to, I will add the money sent through paypall to the “raised offline” donations and once we reach the deadline, I’ll add all of them to the actual donations. Do sent me a message / email if you’ve donated to my paypall, so I can confirm I received your money well. 

The deadline for both donations and video submissions is October 10!

Scotties unite, spread the word and if you’re able to, please consider donating!

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Sooo shezza (my puppy) isn’t allowed to be upstairs in my room. At night he used to sleep downstairs in his bench by my parent’s bed but he got kicked out recently cause he was making too much noise. So today I went downstairs to get ready for bed and my poor Shezza baby was sitting half way on the stairs and he was shaking and short story: we’re now both cuddled up in my bed. :3

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Didn’t go to any trouble, did you?

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Breathe it in.

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An Edit a Day - Benedict Cumberbatch - [380/?]

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Imagine Jim on his way home stopping at Starbucks to get himself and Sherlock some coffee and he stands there deciding whether Sherlock is more in a Cinnamon Dolce Latte mood or a Caramel Macchiato mood today.

Jim could hear angry grumbles behind him, but he ignored them with a near perverse pleasure.

"Let’s see," he said softly, tapping a finger on his smooth-shaven jaw. "He refuses to drink pumpkin spice until it’s properly October, so that’s out. And he’s been on a bit of an espresso kick lately, so I’m certain a change of pace is overdue … ."

"Sir, you’re holding up the queue," the barista said impatiently. She was a young thing—unblemished dark skin and a mountain of thick, beautiful braids piled atop her head—but right now her body was taught with the impatience of a mother scolding a child. A name tag reading "Amira" peeked out from beneath the collar of her green shirt. 

Jim fixed her in his gaze, cocking his head slightly as he allowed a smile to slither across his features. It only took three seconds for Amira to shift uncomfortably as his lips grinned but his eyes sliced thinly into her skin. The blood drained out of her face a moment later, and she hurried away, muttering “take your time” over her shoulder.

Jim slid his hands into the pockets of his bespoke suit—dovetail grey with a light blue dress shirt. It reminded him of Sherlock’s eyes—and continued consulting the drinks list. 

"Hm," he said aloud, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the barista had disappeared, and the crowd behind him had nervously edged away, "Cinnamon Dolce is his favourite after finishing a long case, but nothing makes him happier on a rainy London day than a Caramel Macchiato."

Jim screwed his lips to the side and glanced towards the windows. Thick grey clouds strangled the late-afternoon sunlight into a muted glow. Perfect.

Jim snapped his fingers, and Amira appeared, averting her gaze as she took Jim’s order. She busied herself making it, and Jim pulled out his mobile. He half-heartedly scanned newspaper articles as he watched the drink out of the corner of his eye. When Amira started to add extra chocolate syrup, he hissed at her. She blanched and hastily dropped the bottle before putting a white lid on the coffee with shaking fingers. 

Jim smiled and took the cup from her before tossing a few two-pound coins on the worktop (she hadn’t asked for money). He cooed, “Thank you, Amira,” in a honeyed voice (she flinched when he said her name.)

Jim whistled as he strolled outside and down the bustling street towards home. He could already picture what he’d find when he walked through the doors of his flat. Sherlock would be curled up on the sofa in a sulk, but his light eyes would dart towards Jim the moment he opened the door, assessing him as he read everywhere he’d been that day in his suit and shoes and hair. His eyes would alight upon the cup in Jim’s hand, and his lips would twitch just slightly. The closest thing to a true smile that he ever let Jim see.

Jim lived for the little moments of emotion that flickered on Sherlock’s face. And to think, he used to believe that staying alive was boring.


Well at least I got something productive out of my dreadful boredom. 

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Imagine Jim on his way home stopping at Starbucks to get himself and Sherlock some coffee and he stands there deciding whether Sherlock is more in a Cinnamon Dolce Latte mood or a Caramel Macchiato mood today.

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You’re on the side of the angels.

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Portraits de stars à Toronto: Andrew Scott

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